A Japanese diplomatic delegation headed by the country’s Ambassador in Chile, Shibuya Kazuhisa, visited the company’s facilities that process various pork cuts that have been exported to Japan for almost two decades.

To learn more about the food safety and biosecurity standards followed by Coexca and strengthen the company’s ties with Japan, the Japanese Ambassador in Chile, Shibuya Kazuhisa, visited the company’s main processing plant located in the Maule Region.

The ambassador went with other Japanese diplomats in Chile and was welcomed by Coexca’s General Manager, Guillermo García, the Process Manager, César Rodríguez, and Yasuhiro Kubota, representative of the company’s Commercial Office in Tokyo, a subsidiary that was created in Asia more than a decade ago.

The visit included a tour of the cutting, packing and added value areas. In the latter, Coexca prepares selected pork cuts for exporting following the requirements of the main customers in Japan, which is Coexca’s second largest destination market.

After his visit, the Japanese ambassador celebrated the company’s high safety and biosecurity standards and the high quality of the products it exports to Japan. “I was very surprised (by the visit to Coexca) because its production begins with pig breeding, where they have implemented quality controls. I am sure these products are to the liking of the Japanese people. Japanese consumers value food safety and these products are quite safe and traceable. I will make every effort for the Japanese people to learn about the quality of Chilean pork,” said the diplomat.


During his meeting with Coexca’s representatives, Ambassador Kazuhisa talked about the significance of Chile’s ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP11), as it will open up new opportunities for Chilean products in sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, dairy, and meat. They will all be able to enter big markets such as Japan, Vietnam, or Canada, to name a few.

Guillermo García, Coexca’s General Manager, thanked the Japanese ambassador for his visit and highlighted their agreement regarding the need for Chile to ratify the TPP11 that is currently awaiting Congress’s approval. In his opinion, the agreement will inject dynamism into the Chilean economy and provide more business opportunities for exporting agricultural and livestock products. “Chile joining this ambitious trade agreement bringing together 11 countries to contribute to economic growth and create new opportunities for companies, workers, farmers, and consumers is of the utmost importance for Coexca. The Japanese ambassador and I agree on this matter that he knows very well. Before arriving to our country, he took part in the negotiations in Japan. He knows this agreement and its positive effects very well. We agreed that these treaties are essential in an open economy, as they produce growth, employment, and well-being while reducing poverty,” he emphasized.

Coexca is the second largest pork producer and exporter in Chile, and its exports are focused on the Asian market and another 27 countries. The company has a commercial office in Madrid and another one in Tokyo. The latter has been operating for over a decade.

Source: COEXCA’s Corporate Communications Department