The virtual meeting sought to open up a space for dialogue, conversation, and exchange between representatives of the Chilean white meat industry and the new Chinese envoy to Chile.

On Friday, April 9, a virtual meeting was held between officials of the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association, ChileCarne, and Mr. Niu Qingbao, China’s new ambassador to Chile. The goal of the meeting was to provide relevant background information about the Chilean white meat industry (poultry and pork), as well as open up dialogue and strengthen ties.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne, began his presentation by introducing the association, and then shared some relevant figures about the white meat industry, in particular, the evolution of production and exports over the last twenty years (from 2000 to 2020). Chile is currently the sixth largest pork exporter worldwide.

In turn, Niu Qingbao celebrated the opportunity to learn more about the Chilean white meat industry. “Chile has a lot of room for exploration given China’s size, and the Chinese love eating pork. In Chengdu, the city I come from, there are 16 million inhabitants. They eat 8 million pigs per year and their production capacity is 4 million. Therefore, that gap must be imported,” said the ambassador.

“African swine fever (ASF) has hit us hard us since 2018, especially small and medium-sized producers, for whom it has been devastating. This has caused an increase in demand for imported pork,” he added.

Before ending the meeting, the diplomat invited the representatives of the Chilean white meat industry to work together to better position pork in the Chinese market and to continue commerce in that market based on the relationship of trust and friendship that has been built between the two countries over the years.