The meeting that brought together specialists in human and veterinary health was organized by the Chilean Institute of Public Health (ISP) and the Veterinary Medical Association (COLMEVET). It addressed the urgent issue of antimicrobial resistance in Chile.

Under the motto “innovation in AMR study and control in Chile: moving towards One Health,” the 8th One Health Symposium provided a unique platform for cross-disciplinary discussions on this topic. It featured presentations such as “integrated AMR surveillance in Chile: proposals and challenges,” “antimicrobial resistance and bacterial hypervirulence in One Health,” and “challenges for AMR diagnosis in veterinary medicine,” to name a few. The event was coordinated by Dr. Juan Carlos Hormazábal, from the ISP’s Infectious Diseases subdepartment.

ChileCarne’s participation was also noteworthy, represented by Simón Araya, head of Strategic Projects, and the veterinarian Ignacio Marchant, head of the Better Health Program, who also gave a talk about the proper use of antimicrobials in the Chilean pork industry.

“The 8th One Health Symposium brought together practitioners from human and veterinary health, who had the opportunity to hear about the various programs and innovation projects being carried out in Chile on AMR surveillance and control. We also had the opportunity to introduce our work under the Better Health Program, reaffirming ChileCarne’s active role in promoting a prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials in the white meat industry,” Marchant explained.

The symposium did not only provide a platform to exchange ideas and experiences, but also emphasized the need for a joint and multidisciplinary action to address the growing threat of AMR. The topics and solutions discussed during the event highlight Chile’s groundbreaking role in public health and environmental management, reaffirming its leading position in the implementation of sustainable and efficient health care practices.