Ken Hughes’ seven keys to meet the high demands of today’s customer

During the third and final webinar organized by the sectorial brand ChilePork, the globally renowned expert in brand and consumer behavior and advisor to large international companies provided the keys and recommendations to satisfy the current post Covid consumer.

Renowned international experts offer the keys for 2021 in a webinar series organized by ChilePork

The 3-webinar series organized by the sectorial brand ChilePork and the support of ProChile aimed at keeping contact with trading partners in Japan and South Korea, by offering them tools to facilitate future decision-making in the context of an ASF and post Covid scenario.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne: “The only way to compete with other countries in the region and meet the demands of destination countries is to be extremely efficient”

The digital magazine aviNews, the world’s most influential Spanish media outlet on poultry farming, interviewed Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne, the Chilean Meat Exporters Association, to talk about the situation with the industry in Chile.

Thanks to a collaboration agreement with ChileCarne, five dogs graduated from SAG’s Canine Brigade

This represents a significant support for border control operations at Chile’s airport and ports to prevent the entry of diseases such as African swine fever.

Advanced HACCP Course provides the Chilean meat industry with tools for future audits

For the first time ever, the Advanced HACCP workshop taught by the HACCP Consulting Group was given in Chile, with the aim of training and advising industry players.

Brett Stuart discusses the future of the global meat trade in light of ASF and the post Covid-19 era at ChilePork event

During a webinar organized by the sectorial brand ChilePork, the international analyst explained how the global economic and political scenario, also impacted by ASF and Covid-19, affect and reconfigure the markets and the future of proteins worldwide.

Sánchez-Vizcaíno highlights the importance of reinforcing biosecurity measures on farms to prevent the entry of African swine fever

During a webinar organized by ChilePork, the researcher covered various topics related to African swine fever, prospects and forecasts for the Americas and beyond.