As part of the digital marketing campaign “A Bit of Chile,” led by ProChile, the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau, on November 13th a livestream called “Red, Chile’s food and culture” took place in Shanghai, China to help position Chile and its products in international markets, particularly in the Asian giant. The activity, which featured Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and a local TV sports presenter, had more than 53 million views in China. Currently, and given the global emergency, it is essential for export promotion agencies to keep disseminating the quality and attributes of Chilean products, as well as the virtues and identity traits of the local culture.

The activity was organized around the Chilean national soccer team known as “La Roja” (Red) and it included the participation of the sector brands Wines of Chile, Fruits from Chile, and ChilePork.

The broadcast covered topics such as the history of Chilean soccer, the women’s national soccer team, team values (unity, resilience, strength), as well as some videos to highlight the flagship products of each industry. There was also a story about the 33 miners that were trapped inside the San José mine in 2010, an event that marked its 10th anniversary in 2020.

On the other hand, as a way to showcase a “bit” of Chile’s flavors, a local chef prepared various dishes with high-quality Chilean products, featuring the typical Chilean meat empanada as an entree, and pork as the star and main dish.

Now more than ever, it is vital to eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and keep defenses high to avoid unnecessary suffering in case of catching Covid-19. And there is nothing better than eating pork in various dishes.

On this matter, a study conducted by the Pork Producers Trade Association, Asprocer and the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology from the Universidad de Chile (INTA) was released in mid-2019. It analyzed the chemical composition of five extra-lean cuts and revealed that pork contains high levels of iron, vitamins, and proteins that improve muscle tone, have a positive impact on the nervous system, and prevent skin and mucous injuries. Thus, eating pork promotes a healthy and balanced diet.

This new promotional tool seeks to boost China’s imports of Chilean meat products and to open new markets. The goal is to connect supply and demand to revitalize the country’s foreign trade, thus replacing scheduled visits to fairs, invitations to potential buyers, trade missions, business roundtables, and other in-person activities.

Other Chilean exporting products promoted during the livestream were cherries, wine, honey, and olive oil.