On May 9, AASA Pork had the privilege of attending this important technological event for the meatpacking industry, , which is a breakthrough in cutting-edge technology.

Construction of ANTARCOLD, located in the same industrial site as Soprodi and Transgesa, was completed in a record time of 10 months. The new packer is set to transform the sector with its advanced robotics and storage capacity, becoming a benchmark for efficiency and sustainability.

AASA Pork was represented by Carlos Vilches, Assistant Business Manager; Jenniffer Madariaga, Business Assistant; Raúl Valdovinos, Exports Coordinator; and José Becar, Domestic Sales Coordinator. Their attendance underscores ANTARCOLD’s importance for AASA Pork and the strategic opportunities it represents to strengthen their business relationship.

Representatives from other important Chilean companies were also invited, including Agrosuper, Ariztía, and Cencosud. Their presence showcases the interest and expectation caused by ANTARCOLD in the Chilean meatpacking industry.

This inauguration not only symbolizes significant technological progress but also opens new possibilities for business and collaboration among leading companies in the sector. For more information about ANTARCOLD and its innovations please visit www.antarticacold.com.