The company stands out in the food industry for its innovation and venture client model, a guiding light in the sector.

Agrosuper, leading company in the Chilean food industry, has been doubly recognized for its excellence in innovation, obtaining two prestigious awards: the Most Innovative Companies Chile 2023 Ranking and the DaVinci Circle Award 2023.

The Most Innovative Companies Chile 2023 Ranking organized by ESE Business School, El Mercurio newspaper, and MIC Business Consulting, ranked Agrosuper as the most innovative company in the food category. Guillermo Díaz Del Río, General Manager of Agrosuper, expressed how proud he was of this recognition, underlining the company’s commitment to continuous innovation in products and processes and its team’s active involvement in developing new initiatives.

In addition, Agrosuper was awarded the 2023 DaVinci Circle Award, a distinction that highlights ten companies in their respective categories for their outstanding performance and cross-cutting leadership in this area. The award is a recognition of the venture client model implemented by Agrosuper, which provides a new way of engaging with suppliers and customers while allowing for a prompt and agile response to the challenges of the industry.

The venture client model has allowed Agrosuper to advance in technological and process innovation, but also to build more robust and efficient relationships with its value chain. This approach has been decisive for the company’s success and recognition at the national and international level.

These two distinctions not only cements Agrosuper’s position as a food industry leader, but also sets a high standard for innovation in the sector. Both awards highlight Agrosuper’s commitment to sustainable and responsible development in food production, in line with its mission of “nurturing the good in life every day.”