Unboxing Chile is the new marketing campaign launched by ProChile and the main exporting associations to boost the country’s exports.

 The famous soccer player is part of the campaign given his international recognition, which helps to associate his attributes with the products and services of his home country.

As part of its continuous efforts to boost Chilean exports and thus facilitate economic recovery and create more jobs, ProChile (the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau) surprises once again with a novel marketing campaign soon to be launched in select markets: Unboxing Chile, whose goal is to promote the country’s offer as reliable, sustainable, and of high-quality.

In order to promote exports, ProChile and primary trade associations launched the Unboxing Chile campaign, which includes sending hundreds of boxes filled with typical Chilean products to influencers around the world. Although each target market will have local influencers who are closer to each audience, renowned soccer player Alexis Sánchez will be the international face of the Chilean production sectors included in this one-year campaign: food, creative industries, services, and 4.0 industries.

The red box will evoke various feelings in Alexis while unboxing, highlighting his close connection to Chile when seeing or using Chilean products or services abroad. ProChile and the trade associations Wines of Chile, Salmon Chile, ASOEX (the fruit exporters association) and ChileCarne selected the sports icon due to the time he has spent in different countries, the global reach of soccer, and his numerous followers on social media, ranking number four in Chile and 721 globally.

The campaign is a joint effort between the public and private sectors where the associations had an active role in producing content and selecting Sánchez. Unboxing will be launched on June 11 featuring Alexis’ participation in four videos (cross-sector, food, services/4.0 industries, and creative industries) that will be disseminated by ProChile’s 56 offices worldwide and 16 offices across Chile, in addition to the entire network of exporters and agencies of the specific target markets of the campaign to help consolidate exports to those countries.


“Working closely with trade associations, we go out into the world with Alexis’ figure, an ambassador and an example of our country, to promote Chile’s exportable offer. We want to reach importers and consumers worldwide and show them that Chilean products are top-quality, reliable, and sustainable, to boost the consumption of our products abroad and thus create more jobs in the country. Our 56 commercial offices abroad and 16 regional offices are ready to promote Chilean products globally with Alexis,” says Jorge O’Ryan, ProChile’s General Director.

“Alexis Sánchez is an internationally renowned athlete thanks to his hard work and perseverance, which showcases an important part of Chile’s identity: we are a determined country capable of moving forward despite adversity. He is also a great ambassador for pork in particular, given that protein is an essential part of an elite athlete’s diet,” adds Juan Carlos Dominguez, President of ChileCarne, the association behind the ChilePork brand.

“Alexis Sánchez is one of Chile’s main ambassadors worldwide. He is a Chilean known all over the world who has succeeded thanks to his consistent and persevering dedication to his sport, and always eating healthy. Chile offers a wide range of top-quality foods, such as Chilean fruit that can be found all year round on tables all over the world, providing flavor, high quality and nutrition, with all the vitamins required to live a healthier life,” Ronald Bown, President of ASOEX.

“At SalmonChile, we expect this campaign to increase our country’s recognition in international markets and to present ourselves as world-class food exporters. We hope to be able to convey the consummate experience of Chilean food products to the world, especially salmon, and delight consumers with sustainable products of excellent quality,” adds Arturo Clément, President of SalmonChile.

“The Unboxing campaign brings a piece of Chile to the world’s consumers and lets them experience a country rich in talent and resources to share with the world. A country with people passionate about what they do, like Alexis, who embodies this spirit. We have a unique culture and identity in which wine is a natural ambassador to represent us worldwide. We hope this public-private campaign will help us continue to build Chile’s image abroad with top-quality, sustainable, and innovative products.” Aurelio Montes, President of Wines of Chile.

“The music industry thinks it is groundbreaking to deliver a piece of Chile in a box to key people in destination markets, so we can transport them to our country through their senses and charm them with incredible bits of Chile, opening up potential business opportunities,” Oliver Knust from the music industry association IMICHILE, and Director of the Chilemúsica brand.

“Every time you unbox a product from Chile, you are opening up more than just a box. Chile has a mining tradition that not only produces minerals but also groundbreaking, knowledge-intensive products and services that help increase productivity, care for the environment, and the safety of workers and communities. We invite you to learn more about Chile #UnboxingChile,” Alejandra Molina, General Manager of Minnovex, the mining industry association.

 “I believe this is an excellent way of promoting and encouraging consumption of Chilean products and services in the international market. It is a cutting-edge proposal in line with current consumption trends. It is not only about buying a product but also providing an experience in the act of buying,” Manuela Hernández, Executive Director of the Companies for Chile’s Innovation and Technological Development Alliance (CI+D Alliance).

To watch the campaign video, click here

Source: ProChile