[:en]Chile and South Korea signed properly the Terms of Reference which will be the basis for the deepening of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between both countries, legally implemented since April 2004.

In the ceremony, the main representatives participated and they were the Director of Bilateral Economic Affairs of Direcon, Felipe Lopeandía, and the Counselor of the Embassy of South Korea in Chile, Chunhee Lee.

Regarding the sectors of the greatest interest into Chile and deepening on the Director of Bilateral Economic Affairs explained, that the FTA had force, some products that were excluded from tariff preferences, highlighting 370 in the call category Doha Development Agenda (DDA), which unlock after the conclusion of Doha, most of these belong to the agro-industrial sector, with great potential for our exporters.

“Considering that Doha is on a necessary pause, it is imperative to move forward through a modernization that contemplates the exclusion of the DDA, just as the Asian country has already done with Mexico and the United States. In addition, it is imperative to include in this process the new topics and themes of the international trade agenda, which is the key to face the challenges of the 21st century, “said Felipe Lopeandía.
Source: Direcon