On December 14, ChileCarne was part of the ceremony to formally announce Chile’s presidency of CIMAP for 2024: The organization brings together Country Brand agencies from 18 countries in the region, meaning that Chile will preside over the largest place branding meeting in Ibero-America, a space to share international experiences on country brand strategic management.

The largest regional meeting for place branding will be chaired by Chile in 2024. The Ibero-American Council of Country Brands (CIMAP) brings together the main regional agencies since 2013 to strengthen collaboration between countries by exchanging experiences and best practices on country brands narrative, strategy, and management.

Chile will host the 11th edition of the Ibero-American Country Brand Forum during the second half of 2024. After 15 years of promoting the country via ProChile’s Sector Brands Program, the positive results show that a country brand helps boosting exports and positioning products of Chilean origin.

“Holding CIMAP’s presidency has a significant value and recognizes Chile’s ongoing work involving the public and private sector, the cultural sector and others to showcase a reliable country brand, building trust in what we are, the values we stand for, and of course our products,” said Gloria de la Fuente, acting minister of Foreign Affairs.

Place branding started gaining traction in the late 1990s and has since become a decisive tool to position a country internationally, contributing to the perception of a place based on its history, culture, community, and ecosystem.

“Chile is innovating in country branding strategies and that’s something we would like to share with the other Council members. We want to showcase our approach for Chile’s strategy in collaboration with various sectors, through dialogue and agreements, by sharing information and enriching our own view of the country to offer a more authentic and strong brand together,” says Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of the Imagen de Chile foundation.

One of the keys of a country’s brand is its ability to strengthen the cultural identity and improve the country’s global positioning. A place branding strategy can build an authentic narrative that reflects the unique characteristics of a country, improving its international image, attracting investment, and building international recognition.

The upcoming edition of the Ibero-American Forum will provide a space to learn more and discuss the design, building, management, and sustainability of the country brands of 17 countries and 2 cities in Ibero-America: the principality of Andorra, Argentina, the Barcelona City Council, the city of Buenos Aires, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.