On Saturday, May 4, the Chilean Embassy in the United States became the meeting point for Chilean food aficionados, as part of the “Around the World Embassy Tour – Passport DC.”

Organized by Events DC and various diplomatic missions in Washington, it was an opportunity for ChileCarne to showcase its products to the delight of the attendees.

To promote the best of Chile’s food offer, ChileCarne treated participants to delicious tastings of Chilean-style chicken wings and pork back ribs, which captivated an enthusiastic crowd. According to official figures, approximately 2,100 people attended the event, showing a growing interest in Chilean culture and products in the United States.

Andrés Rodríguez, Chilean Agricultural Attaché to the United States, celebrated the event’s success: “This event is fundamental in spotlighting the quality and diversity of Chile’s food products. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with long queues of visitors eager to savor our products, solidifying Chile’s esteemed position in the global culinary landscape.”

Guests indulged in a diverse array of traditional Chilean dishes, ranging from chicken wings and pork ribs to mussels, salmon ceviche, jack mackerel, and buttery cheese, experiencing Chile’s rich authentic flavors.

In addition to the tastings, the open house at the Chilean Ambassador’s residence provided guests with valuable tourist information and souvenirs, enriching their cultural experience.

Given the success of the event, ChileCarne and the Chilean Embassy in the United States are optimistic about the future prospects for bolstering Chilean exports and enhancing their international reputation, further solidifying Chile’s culinary and cultural appeal.