On July 14, the Undersecretary for International Economic Affairs, José Miguel Ahumada, hosted a group of Chilean business people involved in international trade and representatives of Indian companies in Chile to hear about their interests, concerns, and issues prior to the expected continuation of negotiations with India to deepen the bilateral trade agreement. ChileCarne was represented by Pía Barros, Research and Marketing Manager.

India is currently the third largest economy in the world, which represents immense opportunities for Chile. In 2021 it ranked 12 among Chile’s trading partners, with USD 2.6 billion in trade, a 71% increase from 2020. In turn, Chile ranks 56 on the list of India’s trading partners (0.24% of its foreign trade), being the sixth largest trading partner in Latin America after Brazil (26), Mexico (33), Argentina (39), Colombia (41), and Peru (44).

During the meeting, Undersecretary Ahumada said that Chile wants to diversify its export offer and expand destination markets. “India is one of our administration’s priorities given its location in one of the most dynamic regions for international trade (…) We are working to resume negotiations to expand our bilateral trade further,” he explained.