With the support of ProChile and the goal of raising awareness about the quality of Chilean pork both in Chile and its main export destinations, as well as different ways of cooking and eating pork, the sector brand ChilePork turned to Instagram to launch the first two recipes from a series of delicious recipes from Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese chefs and the renowned Chilean chef Mikel Zulueta, as well as recipe videos by a Chinese chef to promote Chilean pork on WeChat (the most popular social media in that market).

In an interview with ChileCarne, two renowned Chinese chefs, Peter Lin and Jacky Chan, joined by Mikel Zulueta, told us about their experience cooking with Chilean pork thanks to ChilePork, the qualities of Chilean pork, and its differences from pork from other countries. The Chilean chef said: “It has been a great experience, a lot of fun. I worked for some time on a cooking show called “Cooking without borders” that highlights the various migrant communities that live in Chile. I have also worked with migrants from different parts of the world, especially from Asia, and I had the opportunity to cook some pork cuts with them. I consider them masters in the kitchen and huge pork consumers, with recipes that are very different from what we are used to making. This is why it is always a pleasure to share knowledge and new recipes with chefs from such distant and different countries, both culturally and gastronomically.”

Jacky Chan said: “The experience was great and Chilean pork is very easy to cook, as well as tasty.” Along the same lines, Peter Lin added: “It was great and we were able to accentuate the fresh flavor of Chilean pork.”

Regarding the qualities of the protein, the three chefs were emphatic. In Peter’s opinion, Chilean pork offers many possibilities to make easy delicious dishes, and it is also fresh, tender, and tasty. “I prefer making simple dishes that are quick to prepare and allow you to appreciate the quality of the pork,” he said. Meanwhile, Jacky highlighted: “I have learned a lot about the characteristics of Chilean pork by preparing these recipes and making these videos. Chile is a huge pork producer. It is the sixth largest exporter worldwide and it offers many possibilities to prepare an array of delicious dishes. It has a rich and delicate flavor and it is produced under high standards of quality, which is a strong point in its favor.” He added: “After making six dishes with Chilean pork, I believe this product can be adapted to a wide variety of cooking styles, and you can find exciting pork preparations in different restaurants around the world. On this occasion, I chose the recipes that I consider most appealing to the Chinese public,” he added.

Mikel Zulueta, who has more experience with Chilean pork, said that it is a high-grade meat, with cuts that are almost all tender and tasty. He also believes it is very versatile since many dishes can be prepared with this product. Regarding its price, the expert said it is a fairly inexpensive protein and affordable for most people. “I don’t know how much pork per capita we eat annually, or compared with other countries, but I am a huge pork fan thanks to its qualities. There are lean cuts: tenderloin, center-cut chops, pork bites, and other cuts with higher fat content. In short, we can find various cuts for all kinds of recipes and they are all tasty and delicious,” he stated. He was very enthusiastic when asked about what dishes he likes to prepare: “This strikes a chord with me, because there are so many delicious pork dishes that I love making. For example, spicy seasoned ribs roasted in a clay oven, I love it. I am also a fan of rose meat and trotters.”

When talking about what sets Chilean pork apart, Peter said: “Without a doubt, the care that pigs are bred with in Chile is reflected in the high quality of these products, which are very tender and tasty. Jacky agrees; he thinks Chilean pork is very tender and that a simple preparation (such as pan-fried) allows its flavor to stand out. Mikel added: “Abroad, Chilean pork is presented as a trustworthy product in terms of its production, food safety, and animal welfare. These are some of the things people mention about why they like Chilean pork, emphasizing the difference between pork from other countries.”

Finally, Zulueta expressed his gratitude for this initiative and the opportunity to work with ChilePork. “Congratulations on this great initiative; it’s a valuable contribution to showcase pork through these videos and give others the chance to learn new ways of cooking pork, communicate the attributes and qualities of this excellent protein, and to highlight it as a meat that people need to know about. They have to learn how to cook it, appreciate it, and experience what a fine product it is. We are lucky to have such good quality pork producers in Chile. Also, I think it’s nice that it’s inclusive, that chefs from other parts of the world, in this case Asia, can be showcased preparing and prizing this meat while showing how they make it. You always learn something new. I already stole a couple of recipes,” he concluded with a laugh.

To watch the videos on Instagram, click here: www.instagram.com/chilepork