The Japanese ambassador visited Agrosuper’s SkyView to learn more about the company’s history and production process. He also got an overview of Chile’s effort to become one of Japan’s main pork suppliers.

To further strengthen trade relations with Asia, Agrosuper hosted Japan’s ambassador, Shibuya Kazuhisa, who visited the Rosario plant, located in Rengo (O’Higgins Region) and had lunch at the company’s headquarters.

Ambassador Kazuhisa and the rest of the delegation were hosted by Agrosuper’s general manager, Guillermo Díaz del Río, and the president of ChileCarne, Juan Carlos Domínguez, who showed the diplomat the company’s various processes.

“It was a significant visit; we learned more about the technology that Agrosuper uses in all of its processes, highlighting the high health standards under which it operates throughout its value chain. We also learned more about the high quality of the pork that is exported to Japan,” the diplomat said.

Japan is Chile’s fourth largest trading partner and is showing a keen interest in Chilean pork, accounting for 13% of the volume of total pork exports and 21% in terms of value.

“According to official data, during the first half of 2023, total exports to Japan reached 3.625 billion USD, a 7% of the total share, and a trade balance of 4.83 billion. For Chilean pork, the Asian country is the second largest destination in terms of volume. Up to June 2023, 80,000 tons of pork have been shipped to Japan, 13% of the total exports. These dynamics underscore the importance of keep strengthening ties between both countries,” said Juan Carlos Domínguez.

“We’ve learned a lot from the Japanese market, with which we’ve had ties for many years now. Hence, having them in our facilities is key to maintaining good business relations. We are happy to host the representatives of the countries to which we export our products, as it allows us to connect both cultures and keep promoting new business,” concluded Díaz del Río.

These visits not only consolidate the existing trade relations, but also pave the way for future agreements and partnerships between Chile and Japan. The Chilean pork industry is focused on quality and innovation, but it also prioritizes strengthening ties with its main trading partners, ensuring a prosperous and mutually beneficial future.