ChileCarne was part of the “26th Central American and Caribbean Poultry Conference 2023,” one of the main events for the region’s poultry industry. For three days, industry experts and professionals met at conferences, talks, and debates to exchange knowledge and discuss the challenges and opportunities for poultry farming in Central America and the Caribbean.

From June 21 to 23, the poultry industry met in Costa Rica for the “26th Central American and Caribbean Poultry Conference,” where experts, producers, government representatives, and companies got together to share knowledge and experiences, as well as address the current challenges and opportunities for poultry farming.

Under the motto “Renewed poultry farming,” the trade fair was notable for its large scale, with 150 stands. The presence of exhibitors from Europe, the Americas, and Asia provided a unique platform for networking and creating business opportunities for the sector.

ChileCarne was part of the event, represented by Carolina Larraín, Head of Poultry Health, who attended technical talks on Avian influenza, salmonella, and animal welfare. She also visited the fair, to learn about the latest developments in products and services for the poultry industry.

“This type of event allows you to get up to date on various relevant topics. In the sessions I attended, I learned about Mexico’s experience in managing Avian influenza; biosecurity in the European Union; and salmonella in Latin America, specifically in Caribbean countries, which have a reality quite different from that of Chile. On the other hand, we had the opportunity to connect with public and private institutions and trade associations and share experiences to enrich our knowledge,” Larraín explained.

The conference included 52 technical talks on topics such as technological advances in poultry production, health management, biosecurity, animal nutrition, animal welfare, and market trends. Leading poultry farming experts shared their knowledge and experience in keynote speeches, inspiring attendees with their groundbreaking strategies and perspectives.