In an effort to continue strengthening trade relations and highlighting the excellence of the Chilean white meat industry, Agrosuper, one of the main producers, recently hosted an important Romanian delegation.

The Romanian ambassador to Chile, Floricel Mocanu, and the consul, Roxana Mocanu, visited Agrosuper’s facilities to learn first-hand about Chile’s key role in the global food market and its commitment to the highest standards of quality and food safety.

The Romanian officials were able to see the various stages of production, from processing to packaging, witnessing the thoroughness and efficiency that allow the company to export to more than 60 countries. The experience is evidence of the commitment of Agrosuper, and the entire Chilean white industry, to comply with international requirements and deliver products of the highest quality around the world.

The President of ChileCarne, Juan Carlos Domínguez, who escorted the delegation, noted that “this visit promotes dialogue and cooperation between Chile and Romania, opening new paths for business and collaboration opportunities. The Chilean white meat industry, represented here by Agrosuper, continues to prove its capacity to be a global leader, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and superior quality,” Domínguez concluded.