As part of this year’s Chile Agrícola Expo, ChileCarne took part in three online events. Juan Carlos Domínguez, Executive President of ChileCarne, the Chilean Meat Exporters Association, presented at the webinar “Do our food systems need to be transformed?” alongside other officials.

Domínguez also attended the symbolic signing of the Agri-food Sustainability Strategy, led by María Emilia Undurraga, Chilean Minister of Agriculture, and María José Irarrázaval, Director of the Office of Agricultural Research and Policies (ODEPA), which was also attended by representatives of the academic, public, and private sectors related to agriculture. The signing was remotely attended by Carolina Schmidt, Chilean Minister of the Environment; Lucas Palacios, Minister of Economy; Rodrigo Yáñez, Undersecretary of International Economic Affairs, and Karla Rubilar, Minister of Social Development and Family.

The strategy will set the priorities for public and private sector actions in the next 10 years, focused on coordinating public tools to favor private sector progress in sustainability by addressing environmental, social, and economic issues.

The fair also hosted the webinar “Progress of the Chile Conscious Origin Program,” a public-private initiative that seeks to guarantee sustainable food production for consumers in Chile and worldwide by designing and implementing sustainability standards. The event was attended by two representatives of ChileCarne: Daniela Álvarez, Sustainability Manager, and Renzo Boccanegra, Project Manager of the Sustainability Department. They both talked about the progress of the program’s three pilot sectors (pork, poultry, and milk). Natalie Jones, Coordinator of the Sustainability Program of the Dairy Consortium also joined the panel moderated by Daniela Acuña.