ENEXPRO 2024 took place from January 9 to 11 and brought together 29 commercial and agricultural attachés from Chile’s primary international markets. The meeting was part of ProChile’s (the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau) 50th anniversary commemoration and aimed at promoting the exports of goods and services.

The general director of ProChile, Ignacio Fernández inaugurated the event with a message focused on expanding markets and diversifying Chilean goods and services. “Diversifying business with the world,” was the name of the meeting, which included some 15 activities in six Chilean cities, with a total of 600 bilateral meetings with companies and the active involvement of nearly 100 associations from different sectors.

The opening ceremony was also attended by the minister of Foreign Affairs, Alberto Van Klaveren, and the Undersecretary for International Economic Affairs, Claudia Sanhueza. Minister Van Klaveren explained that ENEXPRO is “a key space to build bridges between the public and private world,” while undersecretary Sanhueza underscored the role of commercial attachés in diversifying Chile’s export offer.

During his presentation, Ignacio Fernández showed the remarkable growth in Chilean exports since ProChile’s creation in 1974, highlighting the increased diversity of exported goods and services. “Currently, we export more than 4,000 goods and services to nearly 190 global destinations,” he stated, showcasing the evolution and enhancement of Chile’s product mix. Fernández also talked about the expected increase in global trade in 2024, highlighting Chile’s market and product diversification as a key strategic pillar.

ChileCarne was not just at the inauguration, but also attended a meeting between Chile’s agricultural attachés in Brazil, the United States, Japan, China, and the European Union led by the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Ignacia Fernandez. It also held bilateral meetings with commercial attachés in China and Japan and was part of a networking event organized by the Food Export Council, where each association met with all 29 attachés.

The president of ChileCarne, Juan Carlos Domínguez, underscored the joint efforts of the pork industry and ProChile. “The work of commercial and agricultural attachés is a key part of this process, offering instrumental support both for opening new markets and improving the entry conditions for Chile’s meats and other agricultural products . This partnership has been critical for the development and growth of the Chilean meat industry, helping us strengthen our business relationships with other countries and effectively connect with consumers around the world,” Domínguez stated.

Activities such as ENEXPRO help strengthen ties and coordinate joint activities to promote Chile, its food, and the pork and poultry industry abroad. “We congratulate ProChile on its 50th anniversary and we appreciate the great work they do in Chile and in foreign markets,” ChileCarne’s president concluded.