The seminar was held during Expo Chile Agrícola 2023, the largest training event in Chile for the agricultural and forestry sector, organized by FUCOA, the Foundation for Agricultural Communications, Training, and Culture.

Expo Chile Agrícola 2023 included more than 130 free training sessions that covered current topics of interest for the agricultural and livestock sector, attracting more than 20,000 visitors in two days.

30 sessions focused specifically on topics relevant for agriculture, including seminars, talks, and workshops given by professionals from the Ministry of Agriculture and its 12 related agencies, as well as various institutions linked to agriculture, including public agencies, international institutions, private companies, and the academia.

One of the key seminars focused on Avian influenza and it was organized by the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG). Numerous experts shared their knowledge and opinions on the management of the emergency, the impact of the disease, and the preventive measures that should be considered. The speakers included José Guajardo, SAG’s director, Juan Carlos Domínguez, president of ChileCarne; Hugo Araya, head of SAG’s Animal Health Department; and Carlos Orellana, head of the Livestock Protection Division.

To broaden the impact of the event and ensure that the information reached all corners of the country, FUCOA implemented an online platform for remote attendance. Thanks to that, audiences from all Chilean regions had the chance to attend the talks, visit online stands, and watch Expo TV, which streamed interviews, talks, videos, and live broadcasts from various spots of the Expo held at Lo Valledor wholesale market. More than 300 people joined the seminar “Avian influenza: emergency management, impact, and prevention measures.”

ChileCarne’s involvement reaffirms its commitment to training, updating, and disseminating knowledge relevant for Chile’s sustainable development and food security.

Check the presentations at: (in Spanish).