The Annual Assembly was held on June 19. Member companies had the opportunity to hear the report presented by the association’s president, Juan Carlos Domínguez.

The presentation covered the company’s activities between June 2022 and May 2023, providing members with a comprehensive view of the work done during the period.

One of the highlights of the report was the networking strategy developed by ChileCarne, which emphasizes the need to build robust connections and relationships with the meat industry’s key decision makers. The association is constantly organizing meetings with relevant officials and stakeholders in various areas of the industry to promote constructive dialogue and collaboration for the benefit of the entire industry.

Mention was also made of the legislative follow-up carried out during this period, focused on active participation in the discussion of bills related to the meat industry. ChileCarne attended various committee sessions in Congress, contributing its point of view to ensure the proper representation of the sector’s goals and interests.

ChileCarne’s participation in domestic and international meetings is also highlighted in the report. The association has actively engaged in events and activities both in Chile and abroad, promoting Chilean white meats in the global market and strengthening commercial ties with other industry actors.