In an effort to keep producers up-to-date on the latest advances in pig feeding, ChileCarne held a webinar that featured Dr. Hans Stein, renowned swine nutrition researcher and professor from the University of Illinois in the United States.

The virtual event, held on July 10, was an opportunity for actors from the Chilean pork industry to come together and learn more about nutrition and its impact on production and quality.

One of the topics covered by Dr. Stein—who holds a PhD in monogastric animal nutrition—was the use of rye in pig diets. He talked about its potential benefits and practical considerations for producers when adding this grain to animal feed.

The webinar attendees also learned about new developments in soy-based products specially designed for piglets, as this is a key stage of the animal’s growth.

A more technical but essential section of the webinar covered the influence of factors such as enzymes, particle size, pelleting, and extrusion on the digestibility of pig feed. Dr. Stein presented research showing certain processes that can significantly improve feed efficiency.

The presentation also covered the role of phytase and inositol, as well as the relationship between digestible calcium and phosphorus in the animal’s diet. The attendees were given technical knowledge on how to optimize these components in the formulation of feed rations to improve production.

Finally, Dr. Stein shared a series of conclusions that invited participants to reflect on best practices in pig nutrition, providing enriching knowledge and practical strategies that have a positive impact on operations and pig welfare.