With the aim of reducing the risk of introducing significant viral diseases into the Chilean poultry and pig industry via products imported from areas with active outbreaks, ChileCarne is offering the industry a new program entitled “Biosecurity Program for Suppliers of Products Imported from China.”

The program establishes traceability and biosafety requirements that must be fulfilled by companies that wish to participate, such as setting a minimum biosecurity period of 60 days before marketing or using a product batch (from the date of preparation of each batch) and passing audits that certify the fulfillment of these requirements.

Intecar Laboratory will conduct the program at no cost for companies, which must formally agree to participate through an agreement. The companies will be part of the “Registry of suppliers with biosecurity for products imported from China (BIO-REP)” and thus be able to certify all the batches of products that comply with this biosecurity period.

For more information about the program or to register, please contact Intecar Laboratory at saraya@intecar.cl or mfernandez@intecar.cl or call +562 32234850.

Note: *During the implementation phase, only products imported from China will be considered for the program. Once this stage has ended, other countries with active outbreaks of these diseases will be added.[:]