Organized by the International Coalition for Animal Welfare (ICFAW), the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAh), and Universidad de O’Higgins, the international conference is also sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, SAG, ODEPA, and ChileCarne, and was held on September 28 and 29 both online and in person.

The seminar is part of the work on animal welfare promoted by the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association (ChileCarne) to help its members update their knowledge through talks from renowned international speakers who are leading processes to guarantee pigs’ welfare according to WOAh’s (formerly OIE) guidelines.

The conference was held from September 28 to 29 at the Colchagua Campus of the Universidad de O’Higgins in San Fernando (O’Higgins Region), with keynote speakers, discussions, and round tables to exchange experiences with expert scholars and professionals.

The seminar also provided networking opportunities with relevant actors involved in animal welfare practices, research, and implementation. “The goal of the seminar is to present WOAh’s guidelines on animal welfare and pig production systems in a clear and accessible manner, as well as discussing potential actions, resources, and solutions that should be implemented in the Americas and in Chile in particular to put these recommendations into practice,” explained Rodrigo Castañón, ChileCarne’s Business Manager.

Some of the topics being discussed are an overview of WOAh’s Terrestrial Animal Health Code and its chapters on animal welfare; environmental enrichment; farrowing accommodations; weaning age; biosecurity, and health.

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