As part of Elanco’s Team program, a delegation of producers, professionals, and consultants from the Chilean and Argentinian pig sector visited various farms in Murcia, Córdova, and Granada.

From November 12 to 20, various representatives of the Chilean and Argentinian pig industry visited the south of Spain to learn more about their industry and also identify alternatives to Zinc Oxide for weaners.

“We learned lots of valuable information about what is happening and the challenges that the Spanish pig sector is facing. In addition, we were very interested in addressing the issue of alternatives to Zinc Oxide for weaners, learning about other products or processes, and the visit was very valuable. In general terms, we also learned about other situations that the pig sector in Spain is facing and that serve us as learning experiences for Chile,” commented ChileCarne’s Business Manager, Rodrigo Castañón.

The Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association was interested in learning about the Spanish experience in replacing the use of Zinc Oxide in weaners, which is used to prevent diarrhea at the start of the fattening process.

The Chilean and Argentinian delegations toured Murcia, Córdova, and Granada as part of Elanco’s Team program, which takes pig producers to see various places and industries to share and consolidate knowledge on global pig production.