On a recent trip to Spain, Ignacio Marchant represented ChileCarne in strategic activities that showcased Chile’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the pork industry.

Given the importance of international collaboration and knowledge sharing in moving the pork industry forward in sustainability and responsibility, Ignacio Marchant, ChileCarne’s Assistant Veterinary visited Spain in mid-November. The visit started at the GSP laboratory in Lleida, Catalonia, where he attended a key training for ChileCarne’s “Better Health Program.” The training focused on pathogenic bacteria surveillance in pigs, a fundamental step to improve animal health and food safety, which benefits both producers and consumers.

“Our visit to the GSP laboratory is part of our efforts to improve the pathogenic bacteria surveillance program promoted by ChileCarne. It is a public-private joint initiative with the School of Veterinary and Livestock Sciences of Universidad de Chile to monitor susceptibility patterns in pathogenic bacteria that impact the pork and poultry industry, thus promoting the prudent and responsible use of antimicrobials according to WOAH recommendations,” Marchant explained.

Marchant then attended the 333 Experience Congress on Facilities and Environment 2023, courtesy of Elanco. The conference brought together engineers, veterinarians, and technicians from the pork sector to discuss key topics such as animal welfare, sustainability, and environmental impacts. The discussions revolved around upcoming animal welfare regulations, the industry’s adaptation, and the implementation of sustainable technologies on farms, marking a significant step towards responsible practices in pig production.

The visit wrapped up with a special meeting with Miguel Ángel Higuera, Director of the Spanish Pig Farmers Association (ANPROGAPOR), a non-profit that represents the interests of pig farmers in Spain. They shared knowledge and strategies on how the Spanish pork industry has adapted to new regulations on the prescription and use of antimicrobials, a growing issue for global livestock production.

ChileCarne’s tour of Spain not only benefits the pork sector in both countries, but also provides a model for global pork production.