“Born to Export” was the slogan of the 2019 ChilePork campaign, the sectorial brand that sought in its 12th edition to position Chile in the Asian market as a leading food exporter. Thanks to high safety, biosecurity and sustainability standards, in addition to a globally recognized health authority, the continuous development of its meat industry guarantees the quality and food safety of Chilean products.

The event held in Tokyo, Japan brought together over 50 local importers, as well as specialized media from the meat sector, who learned more about the main qualities of the Chilean pork industry, recognized worldwide for its quality and unique flavor.

Meanwhile, the event held in Seoul, South Korea saw the attendance of more than 100 local importers, specialized media and also featured a presentation from Brett Stuart about the global situation of the pork industry.

The event at the South Korean capital was attended by Horacio Bórquez, National Director of the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), the highest Chilean health authority, which enjoys international recognition thanks to its work in control, quality assurance, health and food safety of Chilean food products. This is the first time the health authority actively took part in this event.

Juan Carlos Domínguez, Executive President of ChileCarne and ChilePork’s representative during its Asian tour, said the following about this year’s event: “We have come a long way, with successes and failures, but a clear horizon: exports are the cornerstone of our industry, and it is the joint effort of the public and private sector that will allow us to continue to grow, because we are an industry that was born to export.”

Here are some of the most memorable images from these gatherings.