Local importers were invited to the event and Cooking Show with the aim of strengthening commercial ties and demonstrating just how versatile the world’s most-consumed protein really is.

On May 8, the 11th version of this event was held in Japan. It was organized by ChilePork, a campaign organized by the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association (Asociación de Exportadores de Carnes de Chile, ChileCarne) with support from ProChile and its Industry-specific Brands Program. Its goal is to position Chilean pork in the Japanese market, highlighting the qualities of this appetizing protein.

With this years’ theme of “Natural Quality,” ChilePork seeks to showcase the attributes of Chile: its modern system of food safety and health and its status as a phyto- and zoosanitary island, which results in a healthy and delicious product.

The visit to Tokyo, Japan was the first stop on ChilePork’s promotional tour. A Cooking Show was held in the hotel ANA Intercontinental TokyoBay to reveal the versatility of Chilean pork through the preparation of delicious Asian and Chilean dishes. The goal of the event was to bring together the cultures, tastes, and flavors through cooking. Wataru Okawa, Executive Sous Chef at the Hotel Andaz in Tokyo and winner of a Michelin star in 2008, participated in the show. Chilean Chef Rodrigo Barañao cooked alongside him. Chef Barañao is known as the ambassador of Chilean pork and has written two cookbooks with recipes for preparing this delicious protein.