The master class was intended to help Chilean pork penetrate the markets of inland China. Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan Province in southwest China, with a population of about 10 million people. Twenty-five executive chefs from the foodservice channel attended the event.

A cooking master class was held on November 28 at the Waldorf Hotel in Chengdu to allow local chefs to try the versatility and flavor of the various Chilean pork cuts in their natural state and in various preparations, so that they can use them in their own dishes.

The class was led by Chef Aaron Wang, senior Chinese cuisine chef, member of the World Council of Chinese Cuisine, and the chef behind the official banquet served during the 8th China-Japan-South Korea trilateral summit in 2019.

The master class was attended by 25 executive chefs from Chengdu’s most reputed hotels and restaurants, ChilePork representatives, and Chile’s representative in Chengdu, Mrs. Yang Yu, who welcomed the participants.

Three main courses were prepared using pork tongue, belly, and collar. The first recipe was pork tongue in green pepper sauce, a dish that brings out the juiciness and aroma of the tongue and the sweet and sour flavor of the pineapple, which dissolves the meat’s fat; then came roasted pork belly with black truffle, a dish with a mild sweet and sour flavor and the aroma of fresh black truffle; and finally, Thai-style pork with lime, a dish characterized by the spicy sour sauce and seasonal vegetables that accompany the pork collar.

“With events like the cooking master class, we seek to preserve and deepen the good relationship we’ve historically had with China. Today’s successful reception of Chilean pork is the result of our efforts to position Chile as a reliable partner that stands out for following high standards of health, safety, and biosecurity, as well as the adoption of sustainable production processes. This is why we will continue the initiatives to position Chile and the good quality of our pork meat,” concluded Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne, the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association that manages the ChilePork brand that promotes Chilean pork worldwide.