From Monday, March 29, to Thursday, April 1, ChilePork organized meetings for specialized media outlets, pork importers and distributors in Japan. The events, which were held in Tokyo, were attended by six journalists and 38 importers and distributors, who talked to representatives of the Chilean pork industry (Agrosuper, Maxagro, AASA and Coexca) about Chile, the sector, and the high food safety, health, and biosecurity standards of Chile’s top-quality pork.

The goal of the meetings was to position Chilean pork in Japan and find new ways to bring it a little closer to the final consumer. This is relevant because Chile is not mainly associated with the meat industry, but rather with the fruit, salmon, and wine industry. Other topics discussed were the TPP and how it could affect Chilean exports to Japan, issues related to sustainability and traceability, and ways to provide concrete support to trading partners (retailers or food service).

During the meetings, there was a cooking show where various dishes were prepared with pork as the star. Some of the recipes, prepared in a traditional Japanese bento box, included roasted pork belly with celery and apple, braised pork jowl with quinoa risotto, Tonkatsu (breaded pork loin), and shoulder with spinach and sautéed potatoes.

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