With the accreditation, the companies become the second in the Chilean animal protein production industry to obtain this quality seal.

On March 3, Coexca group and its agricultural subsidiary Coexca S.A. obtained the Animal Welfare Certification granted by FSTeam through MSD Animal Health, thus becoming the second company to receive this accreditation in Chile. The ceremony conducted under strict health regulations took place in Machalí (O’Higgins Region) with the presence of Guillermo García, General Manager of Coexca S.A., Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of the Pork Producers Trade Association (Asprocer), company representatives, the managers of the five certified farms, and representatives of the auditing companies among other guests.

During his speech, Guillermo García highlighted that the certification obtained by the farms and their slaughter plant is part of the company’s culture, which has obtained certifications for various processes and subsidiaries. He also thanked all company members for their commitment, as well as the commitment from certifying companies during the audit process, in light of the difficult scenario of the past year.

In turn, Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of the Chilean Meat Exporters Association, ChileCarne, highlighted the value of this certification. “This is the best example of the type of industry we have and the type of company Coexca S.A. is. In spite of all the hurdles and a pandemic, they kept going. Obtaining this certification is the best example of that. I have known Coexca S.A. for 4 years because of my role, and what they have done during this time is impressive. It is extraordinary in both agricultural and industrial terms! They are leading and pushing the industry forward, raising the sector’s standards, and for that, they have my admiration,” he emphasized.

Domínguez also said that this milestone is an invitation to reaffirm to Chile the high standards under which the food industry works, with standardized procedures and substantial progress in animal welfare.

In addition, Cristián Catalán, Production Manager of Agrícola Coexca S.A., reflected on the challenge of obtaining an animal welfare certification that did not only consider the animals’ breeding at the farms, but also during transportation and at the processing plant in the midst of a global pandemic. “This is why obtaining this certification fills all of us who had the opportunity to be involved with joy and pride, as well as the company that was able to overcome the difficulties and get the certification,” he said.

Daniel Guzmán, Manager of the Pig Business Unit at MSD Animal Health Southern Region, highlighted the certification obtained by Coexca S.A. and its agricultural subsidiary in such a sensitive issue for the industry as animal welfare. “Without animal welfare there is no production,” he noted.

The accreditation in animal welfare extends to their main processing plant (slaughter plant) located in the Maule Region, the cattle transport system, and five of Agrícola Coexca’s breeding farms throughout Chile’s central valley: Porkland (Til Til), Santa Francisca (Chépica), San Agustín del Arbolillo (San Javier), Las Astas (Tucapel), and Canada (Doñihue). The certification is valid for three years and will be audited every year.