With the completion of the second and final stage of the Carton Freezer project, Coexca S.A. doubled its capacity for freezing products, reaching 220 tons of pork per day. This gets them ready to face the challenges of the coming years and double their exports. This project entails the most advanced system and equipment in Latin America, fully automated, that also includes new walk-in freezers and an advanced automatic continuous freezing system.
To carry out the project, the company hired the consultancy and implementation of Johnson Controls, one of the most prestigious companies in the field worldwide.
Implementing the Carton Freezer is part of Coexca’s strategic development plan for the coming years, which required an investment of close to seven million USD.
The project entailed the construction of other ancillary works and adjustments to the infrastructure of the processing area of the slaughter plant, such as the acquisition and commissioning of modern equipment purchased abroad as part of the automated system of the new freezing unit, in addition to the enlargement of the slaughter and cutting areas, to name a few.