[:en]Using the information gathered by its commercial offices, ProChile the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau has provided us with a report on the status of international markets as of Monday, March 23rd.

This is a summary of the situation in the most relevant markets for the poultry and pork industry:


Regulatory situation: Lower restrictions for domestic movement. However, entry through airports is under strict control, the arrival of international flights to Beijing was suspended on March 23rd, and flights are being redirected to other Chinese cities. There are mandatory quarantines upon entering the country.

Market situation:

Ports and logistics: Activity is returning to normal, container congestion in ports is improving, no cargo is being redirected, and people are getting back to their jobs.

Wholesale market: It is being reactivated, but at a slower pace than normal. Stock of some products must be managed.

E-commerce: Steady increase in sales through this channel, more sellers, and increased marketing with live streaming.


Regulatory situation: Open borders, with restrictions.

As of March 18th, 12:00 pm Chilean time, the so-called Special Entry Procedure will apply to all passengers entering South Korea (for more information, download the pdf file).

Market situation:

Ports and logistics: The BUSAN and INCHEON ports are working normally.

Wholesale markets: No information.

E-commerce: There are time restrictions on sales and delivery times have been affected by the high demand.


Regulatory situation: Mandatory quarantine for all those arriving from China, South Korea, Spain, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, and another 37 countries. Also, all visas issued for people coming from these countries have been suspended until further notice. (https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page6e_000199.html)

Market situation:

Ports and logistics: Borders are open for the entry of goods, except for products coming from China. The current downturn in domestic demand has impacted total imports, which fell by 14%.

Wholesalers: They are waiting to see if there will be any changes in trade mandated by the government.

E-commerce: Increased sales in various e-commerce platforms in the country.


Regulatory situation: Miami, Los Angeles and New York jurisdiction: under a state of emergency since March 20th.

Washington jurisdiction: Voluntary quarantine.

Market situation:

Ports and logistics: Operating normally, but with strict health controls.

Wholesalers: Operating normally.

E-commerce: Increasing and working normally.


Regulatory situation: This must be analyzed by Member state. However, most borders are closed and there is a mandatory quarantine in most markets.

Market situation:

Ports and logistics: Ports are operational and functioning, and they are trying to maintain the distribution chain.

Wholesalers: Operational, but no service to the public.

E-commerce: On the rise, almost exceeding full capacity, with delays in delivery.

Source: ProChile.[:]