A Danish delegation led by Sacha Garafulic, Commercial Advisor on Food and Agroindustry of the Danish Embassy made a successful visit to Chile from November 20 to 24.

The main goal of the mission was to open a dialogue and explore potential cooperation with key stakeholders from the Chilean pork industry, with a special focus on the adoption of practices to improve productivity and sustainability.

The agenda began on November 20 at ChileCarne’s head office, where the Danish experts met Daniela Álvarez, Sustainability Manager; Renzo Boccanegra, Project Manager, María Ignacia Essedin from the Sustainability Division; and Matías Andrade and Carolina Larraín from the Health, Animal Welfare, and Biosecurity Unit.

The trip continued on November 21 in one of Agricola Chorombo’s pig farms in Pelarco, Maule Region. Nicolás Hiriarte, Agrícola Chorombo Quality and Sustainability Manager and Renzo Boccanegra from ChileCarne hosted the delegation. They then visited PF Alimentos, where they met with Carlos Zamorano, Assistant Environmental Manager.

On November 22, the delegation made an important visit to Agrosuper in Rancagua (O’Higgins Region). The experts met with Vicente Ruiz-Tagle, the company’s Head of Public Affairs; Felipe Graell, Pig Production Manager; Gonzalo Mena and Gonzalo Abud, Assistant Managers; Fernando Herman, Slurry Treatment Assistant Manager; and Wolfgang Peralta, Nutrition and Diet Manager, accompanied by Daniela Álvarez from ChileCarne.

Finally, on November 23, the delegation held meetings at the Ministry of the Environment with Francisca Farías from the International Affairs Division and Igor Valdebenito, Head of the Noise, Light, and Odors Division.

The visit served as a strategic bridge for collaboration between Chile and Denmark, opening the path to the adoption of advanced technologies and sustainable practices in the Chilean pork industry. This exchange of knowledge and experiences helps Chile further cement its position at the forefront of an industry in constant evolution, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and innovation.