The webinar “Chilean Poultry Industry, Sustainability & Green Transition” was organized by the Embassy of Denmark in Chile to show the Danish market how the Chilean industry is doing on its path towards sustainability, so Danish companies can participate in the green transition of the Chilean poultry exporting industry.

The webinar was held on November 23, with keynote speeches from ChileCarne and the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change (ASCC).

The webinar was attended by 49 representatives from 45 Danish companies and institutions, who learned more about the Chilean poultry industry and the opportunities for collaboration with the Chilean market’s green transition.

Rodrigo Castañón, ChileCarne’s Business Manager, gave an introduction about the poultry industry in Chile, offering a general outlook and talking about its main challenges, opportunities, technological trends, and gaps.

Castañón highlighted that, although the industry has made progress in recent years, there are still major sustainability challenges related to water efficiency in slaughterhouses, ecodesign and circularity of materials, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and odor mitigation, among other issues.

ChileCarne’s representative also talked about the need to preserve the industry’s current health status, animal welfare, reduction of antibiotics, and also Salmonella throughout the supply chain.

The webinar can be watched at: