In the framework of the trade war that restrains the two major trading partners of Chile, national exports face both risks and opportunities. To address the issue on the ground, the government draws up an agenda for trips abroad, as was raised in the public-private table organized by the Direcon to continue the unfinished conflict between China and the US.

“We are working on a schedule of visits by the end of the year,” says Felipe Lopendia, director of Bilateral Economic Affairs. “They are planning to travel both from the side of agriculture, as our minister (Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero) and, of course, the CEO (of Direcon, Rodrigo Yañez),” details to deliver the balance of the three sectoral tables, agricultural, agroindustrial, fishing, with which the supervision of the commercial war was organized.

The situation is of such gravity it deserves visits. Jorge Valenzuela, president of Fedefruta, reports that 40% of fruit exports in the first quarter of the year went to the US and China, noting that leaves your industry “in a sensitive position for the purposes of tariff retaliation .

The main conversations on the  board table were related to the importance of government authorities being more present in the markets, regarding more trips to China, andmore trips to the US. In the end it is a political issue and it is important to be present, because the other countries are doing it “, says Juan Carlos Domínguez, president of ChileCarne, stressing that” we do not have to wait for a trip from the President. Today you have to take the plane and do acts of presence, “he said.

In ASOEX share the concern. “We believe that the visit of the national authorities to each of the markets that are currently in dispute, especially China, as well as other markets of interest, such as Southeast Asia, is of vital importance,” said President Ronald Bown.

Source: La Tercera – Pulse

Author: F.Guerrero.