With broken dialogue and threats of higher tariffs on the table are China and the US, waging a trade war. In contrast, during October, important steps have been taken in facilitating the exchange of both countries with Chile, who has managed to maintain good relationships with both, who qualify as its main trade partners.

“This is part of our commercial vocation. Chile is a reliable partner as we are a country that is actively participating in trade and is also at its best “, points out Rodrigo Yáñez, director of Direcon, to PULSO in light of recent events.

In mid-October at the XII Free Trade Commission held in Washington, which was attended by the US Trade Representative, CJ Mahoney, an update of the rules of origin of FTA was signed, which simplifies the use of the trade agreement with that country. .”What we did was to update the system of harmonized standardization, which means that exporters will have simpler descriptions to use tariff benefits of the FTA,” Yáñez detailed.

Additionally, a sanitary opening for citrus and Chilean chirimoyas to be exported to the US was achieved. Both products will be subjected to a new system that will make it easier to pass pest controls, an approach that could be applied in the near future to grapes and blueberries that travel to Canada and cherries that go to Japan.

First in the region

On the other hand, last week the Modification Protocol of the FTA and the Complementary Agreement of Service Trade signed between Chile and China was approved in the Senate. Once again at the forefront, our country becomes the first to update a trade agreement with Beijing, among the Latin American nations.

“This is very good news for Chile. China is not only a huge market, but it is also a key player in the Asia Pacific area, as it is at the commercial core with growing global influence, “Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero said in a statement.

The update includes areas such as electronic trade, trade facilitation, environmental policies, and competition policies, among others.

Source: El Pulso

Reporter: Francisca Guerrero[:]