Information coming from the United States and Europe signals they are promoting the supply of meat products to domestic consumers. In the case of Canada and various European countries, there are logistics issues with export delivery and distribution, which is affecting the supply of meat products in China, opening up a great opportunity for Chilean meat exporters in this country.

In any case, it should be considered that currently China (the mainland) is also favoring the domestic market by reducing pork exports to markets such as Hong Kong.

ProChile’s (the Chilean Exports Promotion Bureau) office in China is working on specific actions such as digital workshops in various fields, ranging from video game development to the operation of e-commerce in China and other Asian countries. We will also hold a virtual business roundtable with more than 50 registered importers and consultants that support small businesses. There is also a Chilean pavilion in Tmall Alibaba, where Chilean products are offered to consumers.

I believe that now more than ever we need to work in China, with campaigns aimed at a specific audience and a clear message of support for Chilean products in the sales channels. We must show importers that we are here, and we are still exporting a wide range of products, all with the signature Chilean quality.[:]