Renowned South Korean chef Scott Jeon, who came second in MasterChef South Korea 2014, will head several ChilePork activities in Asia this year to share various recipes preferred by Asian consumers made with Chilean pork.

Jeon is also a restaurant owner and culinary consultant. This year he has recorded various video recipes to be shared on social media by ChilePork. “While I was cooking the Chilean pork, a phrase came to mind: A good region produces good ingredients. The dedication Chilean pork farmers put into their products is apparent, particularly in their health and nutritious qualities. This, alongside the Chilean culture and personality, results in a high-quality product. As a chef, I am happy to use ingredients with this high standard, as it makes it easier to offer consumers high-quality dishes,” said Jeon.

The MasterChef alum highlighted that “South Koreans love barbecues, both for the food and the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones. Pork jowl and belly are the preferred cuts for barbecues, which is why these Chilean cuts have great potential in the South Korean market.”