[:en]The company was evaluated by a third party that based its assessment on the standard set by the prestigious Water Footprint Network.

After four months of work, Maxagro, a Chilean company dedicated to the production and export of pork and fruit, announced it had measured its water footprint. This is a milestone for the company, which becomes the first in its sector to carry out this measurement in the country.

The assessment was conducted by the consulting firm Triada Consultores based on the standard set by The Water Footprint Network, an international organization dedicated to finding solutions that facilitate smart water use. The measurement considered the entire production chain for meat and fruit in all of the company’s facilities in the Ñuble and O`Higgins regions.

“This is a step forward in our sustainability policy. By measuring our footprint, we not only quantify our water consumption, but we also reinforce our commitment to keep adopting processes to have an increasingly more efficient use of water, as we have been doing for years,” said Pablo Espinosa, Maxagro’s General Manager.

In fact, during the past three years, the company has invested over USD 1.5 million to meet high water efficiency standards in its facilities. The company also reuses all the water from the production and maintenance processes of its slaughtering plant. After being treated, the water is used for irrigation of green areas and cleaning some equipment and external areas of the plant. In addition, there is joint work conducted in the agricultural area with experts from Israel, the leading country in water management worldwide.

“What is most important is for investment to be complemented by raising awareness on the need to take care of this resource that is key for the country. That is why we conduct continuous training and outreach campaigns for the entire Maxagro team to commit to this effort,” added Espinosa.[:]