From January 9 to 13, Maxagro’s Agrícola Chillán Viejo became the first pig farm in Chile to be audited and cleared to access level 2 -the highest- of the Chile Conscious Origin Program, thus proving its commitment to sustainable production and taking an important step to formalize and measure environmentally friendly production.

The audit consists of a review and inspection of processes, practices, and management covered by the pig industry sustainability standard of Chile Conscious Origin, a program promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and coordinated by ChileCarne, the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association, and Asprocer, the Pork Producers Trade Association.

Since May 2022, Agrícola Chillán Viejo has been working on implementing a series of measures to strengthen its sustainability policies and practices, such as creating protected biodiversity areas, expanding its crime prevention model, new energy efficiency plans, and additional recycling and reuse measures, all of which was added to the review and update of a series of practices that the company was already implementing in areas such as waste management, water efficiency, carbon footprint, circular economy, animal welfare, and others.

“The implementation of the Chile Conscious Origin standard reinforces the commitment we have had for years, helping us refine our road map, adding new topics -such as creating protected biodiversity areas-, but, above all, encouraging us to keep working as a team in such an important issue, for which the company’s leadership commitment is key,” said Elizabeth Ellmen, Maxagro’s Sustainability Manager.

It should be noted that the company, which was audited by the consulting firm Triada, took part in numerous training sessions led by ChileCarne and Asprocer to provide ongoing support and training for a successful process.