Maxagro has recently reaffirmed its commitment to safety and quality in its processes. The company renewed its feed mills’ GLOBALG.A.P. certification, an international standard for sustainable farming best practices recognized by the Global Initiative for Food Security, which guarantees that products have been manufactured under stringent standards of sustainability, health, environmental, animal welfare, and workers’ well-being.

The audit, which was not scheduled in advance, was carried out late November at the Santa Lucía and Chillán Viejo feed mills (regions of O’Higgins and Ñuble) and completed successfully.

“It is our pride and joy to have successfully renewed this certification in our feed mills. GLOBALG.A.P. is synonymous with the excellence we aspire to in our work throughout the production chain, and that includes the highest quality for our animal feed. This is a path we have been following for three years, when we decided to certify these facilities under this demanding standard,” said Elizabeth Ellmen, Sustainability Manager of Maxagro.

In her opinion, “safe, sustainable, and high quality production not only improves our business’ performance but also promotes best practices throughout the production chain, including our suppliers.”