On February 26 and 27, Chile welcomed a trade mission from Mexican companies interested in importing pork, poultry, beef, and salmon.

The Mexico-Brazil Chamber (CAMEBRA), a non-profit association established in 1987 to promote sustained economic growth and facilitate trade between companies and institutions from both countries, organized a mission of animal protein buyers that was notable for its scope and depth.

Headed by Miguel Ruiz Luna, President of the Mexico-Brazil Latin America Council, the mission included 10 representatives of Mexican companies. The aim of the visit was to find animal protein suppliers to meet the demand of Mexican consumers.

“We are here in Chile with a delegation of 15 Mexican businesspeople. We are quite pleased to report that our meetings have had very positive results. Today, we visited one of the largest pork and chicken producers, Agrosuper. They have first-class facilities, are super friendly, and the quality of their products is very attractive,” said Ruiz Luna.

On February 26, the delegation visited Agrosuper’s Lo Miranda Plant, where they saw the pork and chicken production lines. The experience provided a first-hand view of the excellence and sustainability that characterizes the Chilean industry, demonstrating its commitment to quality and innovation. In the afternoon, the delegation met with ChileCarne to learn more about the Chilean pork and poultry industry , highlighting its progress and challenges.

The second day was dedicated to visiting other relevant facilities for the production and export of chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb. The visits not only provided a deeper understanding of Chile’s diversity and production capacity but also underscored the importance of cooperation and ongoing dialogue for shared business success.

This visit is particularly important considering that Mexico is the second largest destination market for chicken and turkey exports in Latin America, with a volume of 30,000 tons and a value of 78 million dollars in 2023. The mission proved to be a platform to strengthen bilateral trade and explore new business opportunities, benefiting not only the parties directly involved, but also economic growth and regional integration.

“We also met with ChileCarne and had an excellent meeting. We see good prospects for growth since there are a lot of business opportunities for Chile and Mexico. We are very excited; we believe there are good opportunities for growth. We already have a significant amount of trade, but we think there is room for even more and we are looking forward to meeting with even more Chilean companies,” said the Council’s President.