The company signed a second contract with Statkraft Chile for 216 GWh per year that will allow it to power operations in 15 locations.

Agrosuper is always looking for new solutions and technologies to manage its resources more efficiently. This is why the company signed an electricity supply agreement with Statkraft Chile that will allow it to obtain more than 50% of the electricity needed in its operations from a clean and renewable mix.

Alejandro Montes, Agrosuper’s Purchasing Manager, pointed out that “in Agrosuper we are committed to the environment, and we are constantly innovating and implementing new technologies that contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where we have production facilities, and our country in general.”

This new agreement between the electricity generator and Agrosuper will allow the company to power its operations in 15 locations across Chile.

Statkraft’s Country Manager, María Teresa González, celebrated the agreement with Agrosuper. “It is noteworthy because it reflects the decision many customers have made to use energy produced from clean sources in their processes. Statkraft is making use of the possibilities opened by the market and offering the best supply option, completely renewable. Our proposal reflects our commitment to our customers and the added value of using energy with zero emissions in their processes,” she concluded.