On the occasion of World Water Day, Maxagro’s companies reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to the conservation of this vital resource for our planet. Mindful of water’s importance in each production process and the sustainability of the environment, the company is proud to highlight the actions it has promoted for water conservation and efficient use.

Maxagro understands that water is not only crucial for the company’s operations, but also for the global ecological balance. It has therefore adopted specific measures to assess and reduce the impact on water consumption. One of these key initiatives is to regularly measure its water footprint, following the strict guidelines of the Water Footprint Network, internationally recognized for its work in standardizing how this indicator is measured.

The continuous assessment of its water footprint allows Maxagro to monitor progress in water efficiency, while identifying areas for improvement and developing more effective conservation strategies. Maxagro’s strict and transparent water impact measurement is considered vital to guarantee the operations sustainability and actively contribute to the conservation of this precious resource.

World Water Day is an opportunity to reflect on water’s vital role in our lives and the future of our planet. Maxagro is committed to continue saving and protecting water in all its activities, not only as a duty but as a responsibly that concerns us all.