Officials of an important Korean company, that imports Chilean pork, visited Chile to learn first-hand about the country where the high quality products sold in Korea come from.

Their visit to Chile is the outcome of a raffle held at the ChilePork event in May 2018. It was intended to select a group of importers and invite them to come to Chile to become familiar with the origin of our products.

The importer assessed the relationship between Chile and Korea as a very close and friendly one; however, he expressed concern over other countries that are competing with Chile by offering good quality and good prices.

Ki Moon Chang, the company’s CEO, arrived in Santiago with his wife and son and toured the city. They also travelled to Pucón to enjoy local nature. He remarked that: “I am very grateful for your invitation. The trip to Chile has been very interesting and I am very happy. Now my family knows how my business works”.

Ki Moon Chang and his family also visited the MaxAgro Plant, since this company is the main supplier for the Korean brand. Ki Moon Chang said afterwards that getting to know the country where the products that we import originate from has helped us collect a lot of statistical data, information and experience, which helps us to plan our business.

With regard to the positioning of Chilean pork in Korea, Ki Moon Chang remarked that: “The country of origin is already an established one and consumers are familiar with the range of imported products.”

Regarding business prospects for 2019, Ki Moon Chang said that: “By 2019, the Korean market will become very difficult, because there is too much supply and the importing companies are having financial problems”.