We are pleased to report the recent addition of Precisa Frozen Cold Storage as a partner company of the Chilean Meat Exporters’ Association, ChileCarne. The company has a 15-year history dedicated to providing logistics and commercial solutions to Chilean producers looking for storage and freezing services for food products: fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc.
In June 2019, after a long wait, they obtained the authorization to export products to China, proudly becoming the fourth cold storage plant in the country to get this authorization. Related to energy, in 2020 they made an agreement with the electricity provider Colbún that 100% of the energy delivered to the company will come from certified renewable energy until 2025, and they are currently implementing energy efficiency measures, such as the use of quick-opening curtains, which prevent cold losses, and the retrofitting of freezing systems in older rooms and tunnels, to name a few.
As of 2021, Precisa Frozen has 11,000 frozen/cooled pallet positions and 10 tunnel freezers (Blast Freezer) of 24,000 kilos each, with a monthly capacity of 4,000 tons.

Continuous growth

Precisa Frozen has grown step by step. When founded in 2006, they had two freezer rooms (with an ecological freon cooling system and independent equipment), two loading/unloading docks, and a 2,000-pallet capacity. Back then, they received their first truck for freezer storage from Comercial Frutícola, the main producer of berries for export at the time.
Until the expansion of two additional rooms in 2007, the plant used mobile racks, which allowed for greater storage capacity in the aisles of each room. Storage capacity was increased by 3,000 new pallet positions, with a total capacity of 5,000 by the end of 2007 in four multipurpose rooms with a double deep racking system connected by a central aisle called the lung chamber, which had an independent cooling system.
By 2008 and 2009, given its clients needed to outsource freezing services, two tunnel freezers (Blast Freezer) with 24 pallets each were built, with a capacity to freeze up to 26 tons. At the same time, two more loading/unloading docks were installed, reaching a capacity of four platforms, two tunnel freezers, and four cold rooms. They also extended the areas outside the cold rooms, such as the battery room, the processing hall, and the definitive location of the management offices.
In 2012, they built Drive-In cold rooms 5 and 6, each with 1,200 positions, reaching 7,400 pallet positions in total capacity, in addition to two more loading/unloading docks, as well as a customer service room with added-value services.
By 2019, the plant had six loading/unloading docks, six product storage rooms with a capacity of 9,000 pallet positions, and an exclusive pre-freezing room built that same year to keep products waiting for the tunnel in the best possible quality conditions. They also built six tunnel freezers in 2019 and two more in 2020, reaching a total of ten Blast Freezers of 24 tons each. They reached a monthly freezing capacity of 4,000 tons.
It is also a strategically located company, close to the main product manufacturing industries in south-central Chile, with access to the country’s main highway (Ruta 5 Sur).
We extend them the warmest welcome to ChileCarne and we are certain that this new partnership will be fruitful and a substantial contribution for both parties!