Carolina Altschwager, a marketing expert, conducted a workshop describing the Marcas Sectoriales instrument created by ProChile to promote public and private sector brands and the success achieved so far. The goal of the workshop was to show Chilean production sectors the advantages of establishing associations and going out into the world to achieve a market position under a brand.

The event was inaugurated by Jorge O’Ryan, director of ProChile. It was attended by about 50 companies who were thus able to learn more about the instrument and the options for creating a sectoral brand by joining the program. Mr. O’Ryan described the case of ChilePork, a brand that promotes pork exports and that of CinemaChile, which has been highly success in positioning the Chilean film industry in the world.

Juan Carlos Dominguez, President of ChileCarne, responsible for the ChilePork brand, said:

“It is essential, particularly for food products, to make their origin known and for the image of Chile to be considered a powerful one, a fact that is important both for consumers and importers. The most noteworthy aspect of working together, under a country brand, is that you make the market aware that you are backed by a guaranteed standard of quality”.

“Showing a united sector that works under a brand leads to economies of scale in dissemination and positioning. It also has a bigger impact on the country’s image, since it sends a clear signal that the export sector is coordinated, a fact that helps give brands sustainability over time”, said Jorge O’Ryan, director of ProChile.
O’Ryan added that there are already 20 active brands that benefit 21 associations, 1,750 companies and trade associations, in addition to 24 educational institutions. “At present, public sector contribution has reached USD 14 billion and, what is more, 40% of the companies are SMEs”.

The Sectoral Brands program works with the brands from the outset. It helps them identify their distinguishing features, generate the company narrative and choose the markets for their products. This is a long-term job, which allows companies to rely on Chile’s reputation as a safe and reliable country.

Production sectors represented at present include cherries, olive oil, dried plums, nuts, mussels, salmon, pork, southern hake, wines, sparkling wines, audiovisual material (films, documentaries, audiovisual production and services), architecture, manufacturing, higher education, engineering, digital technologies and visual arts.

Source: ProChile