The Maule Region Assessment Committee approved the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS, or DIA in Spanish) of the project “Production capacity increase of TAK S.A.’s plant.” With the decision, TAK, a subsidiary of Coexca, will have a new Environmental Qualification Resolution (RCA, for its acronym in Spanish) that will allow it to increase meat production from its current 900 tons per month to 4,000 tons.

TAK’s industrial facility, located in San Rafael, Maule Region, is a processing plant that packages, packs, and freezes different meat cuts, primarily pork.

The official resolution approving the EIS was issued on December 13 and signed by the Presidential Delegate of the Maule Region, Humberto Aqueveque and the Regional Director of the Environmental Assessment Service, René Christen.

Coexca’s Process Manager, César Rodríguez, pointed out that the decision will allow TAK to scale up production and, eventually, the size of its facilities. “This new RCA will allow us to confidently develop several lines of business for the domestic and export markets in the medium and long term. We are happy and proud of this achievement,” he stated.

Rodríguez added that the project is key for Coexca’s subsidiary expansion plans in the coming years, consolidating the company in San Rafael, Maule Region. “The company’s relationship with local officials and neighborhood associations is excellent. Many of our workers live in the area. We want locals to feel part of the company and proud of the growth of TAK and its brands,” he concluded.