Between May 18 and 20, over 4,500 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors attended the traditional Food and Beverage Innovation Exhibition (SIAL) that takes place every year in Shanghai, China, bringing together food industry representatives from every continent. Last year, it was canceled because of the global pandemic. Once again, Chile’s Agrosuper was in attendance, as the company considers the exhibition a platform to introduce its products first hand to customers, highlighting the safety and quality of the company’s processes throughout the production chain. Agrosuper emphasized that SIAL is an excellent opportunity to showcase the brand, introduce its differentiating attributes, and strengthen its global presence, as well as its local focus, as Agrosuper has two offices in the Chinese market. The company’s main goal is to attract new clients, retain the loyalty of current ones, and show its new line of retail products.

Agrosuper’s sales team held more than 180 meetings with potential clients, resulting in 32 new deals. In addition, its WeChat account added 1,100 new followers, doubling the figure from SIAL 2020 and increasing the total number of followers by 50%.

It is important to note that the “Meat House” experience was redesigned to follow all the necessary measures to prevent Covid-19.