The United States ambassador to Chile met with senior executives from Agrosuper and ChileCarne. The goal was to strengthen dialogue on trade, explore new market opportunities, and further strengthen the robust relationship between both countries.

In an important milestone for trade relations between Chile and the United States, the US ambassador to Chile, Bernadette Meehan, visited Agrosuper, one of the leading pork producers in Chile and South America. The ambassador was received by the general manager of Agrosuper, Guillermo Díaz del Río, Juan Carlos Domínguez, president of ChileCarne, and other officials.

The visit represents a milestone in the dialogue on cooperation and trade between both countries and was focused on promoting Chilean products in the US market. Díaz del Río highlighted the significance of the meeting, noting that “it is key to keep promoting our products in the United States, reaching consumers with quality products that meet their needs and preferences.”

Agrosuper’s representatives walked Ambassador Meehan through the entire pork production process, from feeding and rearing to slaughter and trade, highlighting the company’s high quality and food safety standards.

The exchange gave Agrosuper an opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to serving consumers in all global markets. Díaz del Río thanked Ambassador Meehan’s openness and collaboration, emphasizing the company’s mission to “nurture the good things in life everyday” in the US market.

Meehan’s visit to Agrosuper is a clear indication of the United States’ interest in keep strengthening trade with Chile, especially in the agri-food sector. The meeting speaks to the quality of Chilean products, and also opens the path to future collaboration and business opportunities between both countries.